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Meagan Frank

Meagan Frank is a talented writer and speaker providing positive and inspirational messages. An award-winning reporter, Meagan is genuinely invested in the relationships she has. She works hard to present information that is accessible and applicable to the lives she touches.

Debut Novel: Immersion

Grace McIntyre doesn’t know she is a lost soul. A beautiful, powerful, and controversial political writer who lives off the interest of a multi-million dollar trust fund, she has everything she wants, and does anything she feels compelled to do. It’s only when she meets a dying stranger with an unusual request that everything she knows about herself begins to change.

Toggling between the worlds of luxury and simplicity, Grace is faced with a decision about what is worth more. She has to choose between a connection to the world or a connection to a pure love she only comes to know when she is stripped of everything she has.


Meagan Frank is the author of the Choosing to Grow series and a national speaker. She has presented on coaching female athletes, team-building for girls, employing positive marriage strategies, parenting with pizzaz, and making motherhood marvelous. She specializes in well-researched presentations that include humorous and thought-provoking material. She has a passion for relationships and communication.

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Published Author

Meagan's first published book is Choosing to Grow: Through Marriage.

An eight-year project of research and interviews saved her marriage. Through group interviews called 'tea parties', Meagan was able to collect data and stories from over 170 married women. The process grew her in more ways than she could have ever imagined.

She now presents and discusses the book and marriage with both large and small groups of women.

"...What works for us will most likely work for very few similar couples. That is why it took me so many stories and so many women to find the truths that could help me. If you are looking for what might help your marriage, you may find some helpful things in the pages that follow, but if it's not enough...keep looking. My investment in the process and my willingness to keep going has changed who I am. It has not made my marriage perfect, but it has helped me to be better in and with our imperfections." 

-Choosing to Grow: Through Marriage

choosingtogrow Meagan Frank choosingtogrow

Current Writing

Nearing completion of her first novel: Immersion

Current Choosing to Grow project:

Choosing to Grow: For the Sport of It

Because Every Kid Matters

Occasional Blogger:

Choosing to Grow

Just for the Sport of It